Different Style Counters

Different types of Counter Styles

Our counter is available in different styles depending on the needs of your business. If you are unsure of the counter style that is appropriate for you, we will be glad to help. The different styles come with different features to suit different needs. The following are some of the features.

Browser Stats

This feature makes it possible to determine the browsers which your visitors use to get into your site. You can see the browsers that are most and least popular. You may find that your site looks and works better on certain browsers than others. You should, therefore, put in place measures to ensure that your website looks great in the browsers that are most popular.

Resolution Stats

The resolution stats feature helps you to know the most popular display resolutions for your website. The information helps you to make improvements to ensure that your site looks its best on the resolution. You can make adjustments to ensure that every user has a good experience regardless of whether they use high or low resolution.

Magnify User

The feature allows you to zoom in on certain visitors. You will be provided with a lot of information about the individual visitor. You may get information about their geographical location, the link they used to get on your site, and more. Getting as much information as possible makes it possible to appeal to the needs of a visitor.

Multiple Site Management

The feature gives you the ability to manage more than one websites using one account. If you have many websites, you do not need to use different accounts.

Blocking Cookie

A blocking cookie is a cookie in your browser. It ensures that our counter does not count your own visits to your site. Without this feature, it would be impossible to come up with clear numbers to represent the visitors on your site.

Email Reports

If you wish, you may use this feature to get regular reports about your website. The reports will contain summaries of the number of visitors on your site, page views, sessions, and information about new visitors. The reports help you to make informed decisions. They are convenient, and you may receive them once a week or once a month.

Came From

The Came From feature shows you how visitors found your website. If you have many strategies for marketing your website, this feature helps you to determine the ones that are working. If a link to your website is not working, you can choose to optimize it or replace it with a better one.

Recent Keyword Activity

This feature helps you to determine the keywords that visitors use when searching for your site. It also shows you the visitors who used the keywords and the types of browsers that they used to find it.

Visit Length

The option shows you the amount of time that different visitors spend on your website. It helps you to determine whether or not the content of your website is interesting enough to capture the attention of visitors.

You will find these features on different styles of our counter. The good news is that you will certainly enjoy using the counter regardless of the style you choose.