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Our site has a free counter with a different style for you to choose. A counter is a software that allows you to monitor the number of visitor on your individual web pages. You can see the number of visitors on your webpage along with the date on which they visited. Monitoring your website is important because it allows you to make informed choices. If you do not keep a close on your website, it may be difficult to know whether or not it is achieving its purpose. Everyone comes up with a website with specific goals in mind like the people behind leovegas and casumo wanted to create more entertaining gambling websites. If you do not monitor your website, it may be difficult to achieve these goals. If your website is not attracting as many visitors as you would like, you can rebuild or edit it to suit your demands. Web developers use counters to estimate the likelihood of their sites to meet certain goals.

A web counter makes it possible to know the time when visitors visit your site most. This information may be important to you. It helps you to determine the best time to update content on your website. Keeping the content on your site fresh and updated at all times is good for search engine optimization. Search engines are keen on new content. Having quality content at all times increases your visibility. It helps your visitors to know that you are still active. Your content is what sets you apart from competitors. It is, therefore, important that you update your content at times when many people are likely to see it. Without a counter, it may be difficult to know the times when most people visit your site. Update your most important content at the time when you have the highest number of visitors.

Advertisers are always keen to know whether or not their ads are reaching as many people as they wish. Our counter can solve that problem. They can check the number of visitors at the time when they place their ads. Having satisfied advertisers is a great way to improve earnings for your site. They do not have to rely on your statistics.

If your visitors can see the number of visitors that are online at the same time, they are likely to spend more time on your site than they would. They are likely to view more of the contents on your site and to make purchases.

Our counter is available in different styles. It is easy to install. You do not need to have any special skills to install and start using it. You may use our counter to keep track of the number of visitors on your site without showing a public web counter for other people to see. You get to analyze the popularity of your site and the time when most people visit your site without displaying the information to anyone else. You may also be able to determine how a visitor found their way to your site.

Your choice of counter determines how much you stand to benefit. It is wise to choose one that has been proven to work well over time. Ours is not only free but also very functional.